It is not just writers who get writer’s block!

Some days you just cannot find any inspiration – divine or otherwise, to be creative.

I know that my job as a proofreader/copy editor is mainly about making other people’s creative efforts read better or at least read more accurately, but I too need to be creative.

How so? Well I have to be creative on this blog don’t I? I certainly have to be creative in my social media activities and marketing activities.

It is not enough and will get dull if I continue to post up the same line – “for all of your proofreading and copy editing needs, use Copy-proof” or “for peace of mind – use a proofreading and copy editing service like Copy-proof’s” etc.

You have to be interesting and witty and original (or at least try to be) and that is where the creative block often creeps in.

Think on it, you are tired, your eyes are fuzzy with staring at the screen all day, the kids are being demanding, the dog needs walking and dinner needs to be prepared… how can you be creative with all that going on?

Actually, I take my hat off to all of the authors out there, who are creative and do have to do all of those things. I guess it is about getting into the zone and dropping everything (not literally) when the creative mood does strike!

I am not one of those people who find it particularly easy to just drop everything and at the back of my mind are all the chores and other domestic drudgery that await me!

When I think about it, I do have to be creative as a proofreader/copy editor, because I have to be creative with other people’s words. To a point anyway – I can’t change everything otherwise you lose the ‘essence’ of the story, or the piece of marketing you have been asked to ‘tidy’ up.

I do get a particular kind of buzz out of making something read better – perhaps it is the creative author that may be lurking in there somewhere, trying to come out.

What it does boil down to though is… words! Lots of them and I just love them.
Perhaps if you love them, you will never truly get writer’s block as your head is just too full of them and they will come out sometime, somewhere.

Keep writing friends and I will keep editing (creatively, or not!)