I love words – crazy ones, long ones, and words that make you smile :)

I love words – crazy ones, long ones, and words that make you smile 🙂.


Freelancing is not for everyone, but I love it!

So you are thinking of working as a freelancer? It is not for everyone, but it may be for you!

How do the following considerable benefits sound to you?

–        You can choose a career that offers something that is in demand.

–         You can be home-based – no more sitting in traffic jams or waiting for a train on a freezing cold platform!

–         You can set your own hours – if you are a parent you can work school hours and can possibly do away with day care,  completely. This of course will save you money.

–         You can have job flexibility.

 –         You can even work in your pjs if the mood takes you – unless you are worried about window cleaners and visitors…oh and maybe not if you have to do a school run…but still!

–         You can decide not only when to work, but for whom – well if you are lucky to have that choice of course!

–         You can be your own boss and make decisions that are important for you and your family rather than conforming to a company’s ideas/ethos etc.


For me, the decision to become a freelancer came at a time, when I was being made redundant from an industry I had been in for years – recruitment – and I needed to work part-time because of the children. I had to identify what it was that I was good at and I enjoyed doing.

 Et voilà the idea of becoming a proofreader was born!

I was a bit of a frustrated proofreader when I worked in recruitment, although there were plenty of opportunities to use my red pen on applicants’ CVs!  

So… I decided I would finally go it alone as a proofreader, signed up to do a professional proofreading/editing course and set up Copy-proof.

There are of course, downsides to freelancing work and I won’t pretend otherwise:

–         Freelance work can be likened to waiting for buses – none for ages and then they all come at once!

–         You can have super months when you have earned a lot and then there are others when it is much quieter. Be aware of this before you start.

–         You can get lonely from time to time too and you may miss the camaraderie of an office. Make sure you meet with friends/family and find something you enjoy doing to break up the day.

–         The buck stops with you of course as well – if you don’t put the effort in to market yourself for example, you won’t succeed.

Nearly four years on, I am still enjoying it.

There could be more work of course at times and at others, when I am swamped with deadlines to meet, I think,

“I wish I was working 9-5!” but, the flexibility it gives me, makes it all worthwhile…most of the time.

Until next time…